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Brand Development

Defining everything about your business that you, your partners and customers can identify with including core business messages, philosophies and goals, business name and visual look.

Audience Definition

Defining your customers - who they are, what they do, what they will expect from you.

Marketing Strategy

The appropriate and cost-effective solution to selling your business to your audience - how they will learn about your business, what needs to be done to turn them into customers.

Competitor Research

Comparing you vs. your competitors - the fundamental differences between your marketing messages, look and feel, customer management, marketing material. Such analysis can help you redefine your strategy to gain a competitive edge.

Corporate services

Beginning the process of popularizing new name of a product, you should carefully consider the development of a strategic action plan. This plan should take into account characteristics of new item, the properties of its potential audience, its preferences and other nuances. But the development of strategic planning involves using many types of marketing tools. These brand promotion tools are very effective. And now we introduce them to you.

Marketing research

Before you start creating a new brand, you need to carefully study the latest trends in the market, how competitive companies behave, what consumers want


Brand-design involves the process of developing a graphic component of the product, or rather

Developing an idea

Having the results of market research carried out on hand, one can begin the basic stage - the development of the idea.


Brandbook is the main business documentation of your trademark, it is a set of rules and developed standards for the application of the main...

Verbal component of the brand

The verbal component includes the development of the following elements

The brand strategy

The brand strategy is a comprehensive program for the development and promotion of brand names in the market. Most often, the strategy is the main corporate document, which sets out:


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